But this plucky move has made some people very angry—so much so that in many cases, it’s putting off Windows users altogether. Microsoft is angering some Windows users with a plucky method of ensuring its Edge browser grabs share from Google Chrome. If you’re on version 1809 or 1903, it’s time to move on. But if you’re connected to a normal network, or not connected at all, keep reading on. Enterprise and Education users who aren’t connected to a network with an update server can follow along with the Pro instructions below. Also note that in these days of working from home, your firm may be using a Microsoft cloud product called Intune to control your updates; if that’s the case, you won’t have control over them.

Let’s take a look at how you can change your default browser on Windows. For everyone else, Edge is the new default browser on Windows, but it can of course be replaced with any other browser you want, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The update that is shipped to Windows 10 devices doesn’t mean you must stick with Edge by any means. All other versions and Editions of Windows are excluded from being updated automatically.

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  • The github.com/microsoft/vscode repository (Code – OSS) is where we develop the Visual Studio Code product.
  • The VS Code version is the first Version number listed and has the version format ‘major.minor.release’, for example ‘1.27.0’.
  • At Microsoft, we open source our extensions whenever possible.
  • You can find the VS Code version information in the About dialog box.

In other words, Microsoft tried to make everyone aware that a new browser is available, and it would replace the legacy version in Windows 10. First and foremost, Microsoft replacing the existing version of the browser isn’t something surprising. In fact, the company announced this plan many months ago, clearly explaining what happens when Microsoft Edge becomes available via Windows Update. The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge officially launched in early 2020 as a manual download, with the installers going live both on Windows and later on Mac. It could be that some people don’t see this method as aggressive, but Microsoft does need to be careful of putting off potential new Edge users. Microsoft apparently pins Edge to your taskbar, drops the icon on your desktop, and tries to persuade you to change your default browser to Edge. using Windows to push its revamped browser out to millions of users.

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Find the value named ‘PackageFullName’ and copy the entire value beside it as shown below. Now most users are facing difficulty with the latest version of Windows 10, namely 1909 and 2004. Our in-house machines also have Microsoft Edge built into them but surprisingly the option to uninstall is available on a few select models, one of which is our Asus ROG laptop. We suspect that OEM software has a part to play in this but it would be a good idea to check the normal uninstall option before you try other methods on this list. The first thing that you should do is change your default Windows browser to something else. This will help maintain functionality while removing Microsoft Edge’s permission from Windows as an essential app.

So 20H2 means it is being released in the second half of 2020, and when it’s available for installation, you’ll see “20H2” instead of “2004” in Windows Update. It’s been a moving target, as Microsoft has frequently changed Windows Update’s behaviors and defaults over the years. Some users have reported that removing their Microsoft account from their computer, then adding it again, has allowed them to install AdBlock. Follow the instructions inthis article from WindowsCentral.com(just don’t entirely delete your Microsoft account!). Tryresetting Edge’s settings to the default, then install AdBlock from the Windows Store.

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You may wish to reach out to the IT department to see if they are controlling the updates on your home computer during the pandemic. The next release of Windows 10 will be the 21H1 release and is expected in the first half of 2021, around April. If Microsoft keeps with the naming sequence, the second release of 2021 will be called 21H2. You’ll see this mostly in the naming of the updates you receive via Windows Update and on Microsoft’s Windows 10 release information dashboard. The Windows 10 October 2020 Update, also known as version 20H2, debuts a new numbering convention.